Lonely Planet never gives you the complete story.

In most cities you want a local to show you around, but in Mumbai, you need a local. There’s so much more to the city than the usual tourist traps of Gateway of India, Dharavi and garlic butter crab at Trishna.

This website serves as the complete guide to what to see and not see in Mumbai.

Everything from how to get a dinner reservation at Mumbai’s best restaurants, follow the Mumbai Marathon routes on your morning jog, and visit the exact places where Slumdog Millionaire was filmed, to the trains and areas that solo women travellers should avoid at night, the common places for cops to set up nakabandis, and the date spots that Mumbai’s moral police watch over.

Given that Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, the website is divided into 24 sections  – highlighting a particular aspect of the city for every hour of the day. Each section includes a map and descriptions of the relevant sites, as well as useful tips and tricks for travelers.

The hope is that through exploring the different aspects (each with their rich histories, personalities and flavors) you will get a sampling of just how diverse Mumbai, and Mumbaikars are.

The site’s title aamchi mumbai is a celebration and reflection of the city’s diversity.

aamchi is Marathi for ours; when describing the city in Marathi, the local language, it is grammatically incorrect to use ‘mine’ as the predicate adjective. To me, it has always represented that Mumbai’s identity is a collective. There is no single Mumbai, but a multitude of experiences, histories and identities that together link the city’s 20 million residents and create a sense of collective ownership over the city.

So I present to you our Mumbai.

Not mine, not Balasaheb Thackerey nor Ratan Tata’s.

But our city, from us to you.


Navigation Instructions

Laptop/PC: Either use a mouse/trackpad, or the left and right arrow keys to move along the 24 hour timeline. To explore the maps, select a panel, read the description and click on the link embedded within. The link will open up on a new page. To return to the home screen, press ‘aamchi mumbai’ in the upper right corner

Mobile/Tablet: This site is optimized for mobile interaction – you should be able to scroll through the sections easily using your touch screen. Each map opens up in a new tab on your browser.

Happy exploring!


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