3.00 AM

Ghost tourism has boomed over the past decade, propelled by the public’s interest in the mysterious and supernatural. There are hundreds of ghost tours offered across America, from Hollywood (“Come see Haunted Hollywood and ghosts of the stars!”) to New England (“Visit Boston’s infamous haunted locales!”). Many tours tout their guides as “Certified Ghost Hunters” or “Certified Paranormal Investigators,” though anyone can call himself or herself a ghost hunter; there is no accrediting institution, and “certifications” can be bought from online diploma mills for about $50. Ghost tours can be a very lucrative business: It is a service with little overhead and start-up costs. Anyone can offer a ghost tour, and tickets often cost $10 to $30 or more per person. With a large group, a good storyteller can make $500 in one evening for guiding a walking tour and telling ghost stories.Those big profits have caught the attention of municipalities in need of new revenue. Some suburbs getting into ‘dark tourism’ business for themselves as a community fundraiser. Others contract out the task letting established ghost tour professionals do the heavy lifting. The city need only to have a salacious tale or a gritty murder story to tell in order to make an innocuous city walk “haunted”.

While Mumbai is yet to get into the business of haunted tourism, below is a map of the most haunted spots in the city. Most of them have been testified by the Paranormal Society of India.

Mumbai’s most haunted spots to avoid at 3AM



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